The Perfect Confluence of AI-based Facial Recognition Based Enterprise Resource Planning for Corporates

Faceify is a must have AI based ERP to enable the large, medium and small scale enterprised and corporates in bringing end-to-end accountability from it’s resources as part of their day to day operations. This unique product works on three core fundamentals i.e. “Authenticaion, Verification & Identification”. Its adaptable nature allows it to span multiple industries within the business landscape, facilitating real time role based reporting and planning directly from your mobile device.

Faceify can be tailored or expanded to suit the unique requirements of an enterprise or government department, seamlessly integrating CRM, HRM, ERP, and identity authentication, complemented by real-time reports and mobile dashboards. Our hardware-free mobile-based identification solution swiftly reduces CapEx and OpEx expenses by optimizing all your business operations for maximum efficiency.

Discover how our Faceify can acceleration innovation, enhance efficiency and drive growth in your business.


facial detection system
AI-based facial detection system
  • Fully digitised identification process
  • Automated personnel attendance
  • Role-based access control
  • Unwanted/unauthorised entry detection
Attendance management
Attendance management
  • Real-time attendance tracking
  • Online/offline attendance
  • Self and Peer attendance
  • Resource geolocation management
  • SMS alerts
  • Shift and roster management
Payroll management
Payroll management
  • Attendance data integration
  • Automated payroll calculation
  • Tax compliance
  • Payslip integration
  • Integration with Accounting
  • Audit & security
Leave management
  • Leave application tracking and management
  • Leave balance reports
  • Approval processes
  • Appeal management
Department Resource Management
  • Resource demographic details
  • Resource onboarding details
  • Performance details
  • Resource benefits provided tracking
  • Resource promotions and transfers
  • Integration of KPI tracking
  • Business tour management
  • Tour planning and application
  • Tour approval process
  • Tour history
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Connect customer data
  • Customer analytics & insights
  • Customer support & feedback
  • Improve loyalty
  • Support sales & marketing
  • Unified reporting
Inventory Management
  • Products and variations
  • Full SKU management
  • Orders management and tracking
  • Manage shipment logistics
  • Reports and dashboards
Asset management
  • Manage Enterprise and department profiles
  • Role based resource management
  • Infrastructure management
  • Resource transfers and deputations
Finance & Accounting
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Balance sheets
  • Vendor management
  • Tax compliance
  • Financial projections and insights
Reports & Dashboards
  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • Role-based report access
  • Multi-department unified reports
  • Department and section reports
  • Resource management report
  • Daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports


Digitised and touchless
Digitised & touchless identification

Technology-driven approach requiring no physical touch, aimed to enhance convenience, hygiene, and security.

Increased productivity
Increased productivity & reduced costs

Streamlined processes, improved data visibility, enhanced communication, enabling better decision-making, efficiency and cost saving.

Offline attendance
Offline attendance

Offline capture and tracking of attendance to serve remote areas with network challenges or during events held in temporary settings.

Zero technical dependency
Zero technical dependency

Easy-to-use system requiring minimal configuration or specialised technical skills, backed by intuitive UI, workflow automation and self-service customization.

Self identification with geotagging
Self identification with geotagging

Individuals can confirm their identity and location using geotagging and geofencing, that utilise location data to enhance experiences, provide valuable insights, and enable context-aware interactions.

Real-time insights
Real-time insights

Our AI solutions process data in real-time, allowing quick decision-making and timely response to changing situations.

Full personnel life cycle
Full personnel life cycle

From onboarding until relieving, manage every aspect of employees’ engagement like attendance, performance, benefits, promotions, payroll and leaves.

Seamless integration
Seamless integration

Seamless integration with other third party applications allowing for a unified and cohesive ecosystem.

Seamless integration
Reports & analytics dashboards

Customisable reports and dashboards to enable data-driven decisions, visibility into performance, identify trends and patterns, guide resource allocation.