Compose and extend apps that take advantage of data and analytics from your connected devices and sensors

Touted as one of the most important technologies of the 21st century, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of billions of physical objects connected with sensors that exchange data with other devices over the internet. This enables them to collect, exchange and analyse data for enhanced functionality, automation, real-time monitoring, and intelligent decision-making.

By using our intelligent IoT solutions, enterprises can extract valuable insights to improve virtually every aspect of their operations and enable innovative, new business models by capturing sensor data from connected devices. Powered by AI and IoT data, connected and intelligent assets can optimise performance, adapt to changing circumstances, and help ensure continuity.

Use Cases

End-to-end application services
Enterprise asset management: Monitor machines

Maintain visibility and control of intelligent assets in your operations with IoT and AI. Improve maintenance efficiency and increase the value of your assets. Optimise asset availability and utilisation through continuous remote tracking and visualisation of usage, condition, performance, and operating environments. Prevent downtime by using IoT sensor data for real-time visibility and maintenance of machines, vehicles, and other assets.

Data-driven decisions
Smart manufacturing: Reinvent manufacturing processes.

Monitor work-in-progress across factories, maximise product quality, and prevent unplanned downtime. Detect, analyse, and respond to IoT signals in factory settings. Enable real-time visibility of asset health, location, and utilisation.

Real-time monitoring
Connected logistics: IoT for transportation and logistics.

Enhance visibility, efficiency, and decision-making throughout the supply chain. Optimise your end-to-end logistics operations with proactive detection of anomalies and deviations for private and third party carriers and warehouse facility operations. Reduce costs by connecting and monitoring vehicle routes and products in transit.

Measurable results
Service monitoring: Improve service

Use IoT to connect to service centres for proactive and immediate issue resolution. Improve customer service by empowering agents to resolve issues by sending commands directly to assets. Provide field service workers with the information they need to resolve issues on the first visit.

Regulatory compliance
Connected Agriculture: Smart Farming with IoT

Enhance the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural practices. Integrate IoT sensors to monitor soil moisture, weather conditions, and crop health. The data guides irrigation schedules, pest control measures, and optimal harvesting times, leading to increased yield and resource efficiency.