Predictive Analytics paves the way for proactive medical care and prevention

Predictive analytics is a branch of data analytics that uses historical and current data to forecast future outcomes and trends. It involves applying statistical algorithms, machine learning techniques, and data mining methods to analyse patterns in data and make predictions about unknown future events.

Predictive analytics is rapidly transforming the healthcare landscape by leveraging advanced data analysis techniques to forecast future health outcomes, detect potential issues, and inform medical decisions. This innovative approach harnesses the power of historical and real-time data, combined with cutting-edge algorithms, to provide healthcare professionals with insights that enable proactive interventions, personalised treatments, and enhanced patient outcomes

mPred is a comprehensive medical predictive system that is currently being used by health departments to digitise patient records, anticipate medical conditions, prevent complications, and provide an improved level of patient care.


  • Proven experience of ERP implementation with various government departments
  • Quick deployment with minimum configuration
  • Easy customization adaptable to an enterprise’s changing needs
  • Zero licence fee unlike other ERP products
  • Extensible architecture that helps integrate with existing systems
  • No vendor lock-in required post deployment
  • Easy takeover and in-house maintenance post deployment


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Outpatient features

  • Patient registration
  • QR code-based ID card
  • Digitised medical history
  • Digitised vitals records
  • Digital prescription
  • Prescription fulfilment

Inpatient features
Inpatient features

  • Daily vitals records and monitoring
  • Digitised patient case sheet
  • Digitised medical history
  • Digital drugs allocation at inward patient dispensary
  • Alert when patient is in critical condition

Process automation
Ambulance features

Share patient case sheet and vitals data with hospital prior to ambulance arrival.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

  • Area-wise prediction of seasonal diseases
  • Area-wise prediction of drug stocks required
  • Predict requirement of staff and facilities based on season
  • Predict outbreak of disease in each area to manage and allocate resources

Statistics and reports

  • Disease data
  • Disease-wise patient data
  • Area-wise patient data
  • Daily hospital functioning data

Staff Allocation

  • User profiles
  • Notification preferences
  • Data input settings
  • Privacy settings


Public health planning
Public health planning

Predictive models track disease trends and forecast outbreaks, enabling timely responses from public health authorities.

Enhanced resource allocation
Enhanced resource allocation

Healthcare facilities are using mPred to forecast patient admissions, ER visits, and demand for services, optimising resource and bed allocation and staff scheduling.

Faster diagnosis & decision-making
Faster diagnosis & decision-making

Real-time access to patient data and history enables faster diagnosis, evidence-based decision-making and timely response to emerging situations.

Improved collaboration
Improved patient outcomes

Predictive analytics enables early detection, accurate information sharing, personalised treatment, and proactive care management, leading to better patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Increased productivity
Centralised database

A single, centralised platform to access and share patient data within various departments and healthcare providers, ensuring consistent and coordinated care across various specialties and settings.

Reduced errors & duplication
Reduced errors & duplication

mPred’s digital records minimise the risk of errors caused by illegible handwriting or data entry mistakes, leading to improved patient safety and accuracy in treatment.